Full-SERVO High Speed Flat & Satchel Paper Bag Machine Seriese

    1. FSB1600 Full-SERVO Flat & Satchel Paper Bag Machine

               FSB1600 Full-SERVO  Flat & Satchel Paper Bag Machine´╝îIs my company with domestic and foreign demand, combining the international advanced technology, set on the same machine or color printed paper finish glue film, upper gum, into a tube, cut the bottom glue, bag molding, count collection tip at the end of paper processing equipment. Fast food, goods, gifts, mail, liquid and pharmaceutical packaging markets. This machine is reasonable in structure, .

    1. FSB650 Full-SERVO High Speed Flat & Satchel Paper Bag Ma

              SUNHOPE developed FSB650 Full-Servo high speed Flat & Satchel paper bag machine using German technology for reference.The machine is suitable for paper roll, printed roll paper such as kraft paper, shiny paper, coated paper. Perforating, side gluing, fold-ing, tube forming, separating, bottom folding and gluing, final product collection can be completed within one time by this machine.According to the customer’s requirements, we can also add the servo pre-.